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Garneau Axelle 4
The Axelle 4 is a great entry road bike that's packed with trustworthy features. We used our hydroformed S-6 aluminum technology for the frame, threw on a full carbon fork, and equipped it with a Shimano 2x8 drivetrain to tackle those hills without reducing your top speed.
Garneau Axis 4
Our love of cycling and the promotion of the sport for all levels of riders are among Garneau’s core values; we bring these to passionate cyclists and those just getting started with a more dedicated focus on the sport with our Axis line. These models are accessible, provide a great experience on the road and nurture your love of the sport. All Axis bikes help you push your level of performance and achieve your aspirations on the open road.
Garneau Women's Garibaldi F4 Gravel Bike Plum Flat Handlebar Disc Brake Hybrid
$869.99 see images
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